Personalized Martingale Dog Collars

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Many people prefer a personalized Martingale dog collar over a choke collar. I will write more about the benefits later. Now I like to show you some martingale dog collars for the simple reason that people are looking for them and they are not easy to find.

I will give you a few examples and if you click on one of the links it will take you to websites with many more options to choose your personalized martingale collars

personalized martingale dog collars

These martingale collars can be personalized with any embroidery you like.

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What is a martingale collar

The advantage of a Martingale collar is that they do not choke your dog.

The difference from a choke collar is that they will get tighter around the dog its neck when they pull. The Martingale collar can only get tight to a certain point and this will always keep some room between the collar and the neck of the dog.

The Martingale collar might look at first sight the same as a choke collar but if you look a little better you can see the part that restricts how much tighter it can get.

Sometimes people also call them greyhound collars and the reason for that is that they were designed for that type of dogs because their heads are basically more narrow than their necks.

Personalized Martingale dog collars sizes

There are of course several sizes available in the martingale dog collars. Here is a short overview.

  • Petite. Width 3/8″ and length 5-8″
  • Small. Width 3/4″ and length 8-12″
  • Medium. Width 34″ – 1″ and length 10-16″
  • Large. Width 1″ and length 14-20″

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