The Art Of Gift Wrapping

gift wrapping tips and ideas.

Is gift wrapping an art form or can you learn how to do it? Here are some tips and ideas to help you.

After I discovered all the great ideas to find that perfect gift I had to take the next step and learn how to gift-wrap a present.

To be honest I never did to much wrapping. My wife was the expert like probably in most households.

Gift wraps by men.

I read that 6 out of 10 men admit that it takes them only one minute to wrap a present. That is probably why our wives always give us that look when we hand them that gift?

Gift wraps by women.

The same article mentioned that women take at least 3 minutes to gift wrap a present. That is probably the reason my wife’s present always looks so nice compared to mine.

Gift wrapping basics

They always say that a picture can paint a thousand words. That was for me a good reason to find a video instead of trying to describe the whole process.

I learned a lot from just watching this video. Now we have the basics covered it is time to move on to the more advanced techniques.

How To Tie A bow On A Present

I am always impressed by how nice a bow looks on a gift-wrapped present and after watching this video and some practicing I can finally do it now.

Gift Bags

There was a time that I only used gift bags because it was so much easier for me than struggling and fighting with a piece of paper, scissors, and tape. But I was still not able to put that tissue at the top in nicely.

Here is a video on how to do that perfect every time.

Mothers Day Gift Wrapping

Mothers Day is that one special day a year that you honor mothers and that makes it to that occasion to ad even more attention to how you wrap your mother’s day present. Here is one idea I really liked.

Gift Wrapping Hacks

Like anything else, there are tons of ideas and tips and some people call them hacks. Here are a few of the hacks that can help you with gift wrapping.

I learned a lot from watching all these videos filled with ways to wrap a present and one of my tips is to watch than on your phone or laptop while doing your wrapping. In that way, you can pause it or even go back if you did not wrap it perfectly.

I most certainly have improved my gift wrapping skills by doing this.

Cathy Buckner

Cathy Buckner loves finding special gifts for family and friends. On the Personal Starts Here website, she shares all her tips and ideas. You can read more about Cathy Buckner here.